The coolest way to create and remember strong passwords

Many people experience difficulties every day when they have to recall their new password. I’ll tell you the most convenient way to create and manage your passwords that i know.

Choose your favorite word like ’sarcasm’ then add some sign like plus or dot or smth and then use a second summand, a random number or linear pattern. e. g. ’456’ So it comes ’sarcasm+456’

Then in next month when it’s time to change your password you should just slightly modify it like sarcasm+789 or sarcasm-123. So it would be much easier for you to remember new combination each month. I used this pattern for years when i used to work in bank.

Also you can vary favorite word and keep number and sign still. Try out your favorite book’s characters names like gandalf+789 then frodo+789. In that case password recall will look like this:«What’s it about this month? Oh, it’s Frodo time! Ok, here goes Frodo. (typing frodo+789).

By the way you can vary favorite-word-part according to type of service you protect. Like frodo is for e-mail and gandalf is for social network accounts.

I should note that passwords created this way are quite strong as they contain three alphabets: lowercase latin letters, signs and digits. Also you can improve them typing first or random letter capital — your passwords would contain four alphabets.